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Load testing of anchors and fixings

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Hammond construction fixing testers for hire.
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To confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials.


Medium duty test apparatus will provide a tensile (pull) load of up to 25kN on a variety of construction fixings, anchors, embedded connectors and reinforcement starter bars.

Hammond can provide a range of gauge capacities, a variety of load spreading stools or bridges and adaptors to connect to differing sized studs, bolts, eyelets etc.

For heavier loads we can provide compact apparatus that will provide a pulling load of up to 145kN and hydraulic apparatus comprising pumps and hollow bore rams for applications up to and exceeding 300kN

Hammond offers to provide a fixing tester suited to the specific site requirement. Please do not hesitate to call or email for a proposal and assistance.

Please call us or email us to discuss your requirements: 01243 555 720

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